Indian Tandoori Broiled Salmon – Gustus Vitae

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Indian Tandoori Broiled Salmon

Yield: 2-3 servings
Time Estimate: 20 minutes
Storage Notes: Best if consumed immediately
Difficulty: Easy

Let the flavors of the Indian tandoor speak for themselves - bursting with spicy notes and exotic flavors, this simple salmon recipe possesses only three ingredients yet holds the flavor of a dish from a five star restaurant. Complex heat notes that resonate with the traditional flavors of the clay cooking pot help bring the culture and flare to the kitchen. Broiled salmon presents subtle notes of char while the fresh squeeze of lemon juice puts the citrus kick alongside Gustus Vitae's bold Indian Tandoori Sea Salt.



  1. Preheat oven broiler and place rack six inches under heat source
  2. Generously season Salmon with Gustus Vitae Indian Tandoori Sea Salt
  3. Broil for 10-15 minutes
  4. Remove, squeeze lemon juice on top
  5. Enjoy