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Easy Beef Jerky

Yield: Plenty for 4 people to take on a camping trip for few daysTime Estimate: 28ish hours, including 24 hours marinating.Storage Notes: Enjoy immediately after allowing to cool. If stored in zip lock baggies, enjoy within 4 days.Difficulty: Easy.We…
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Hearty Cream of Pumpkin Soup with Turmeric

Yield: 4 Piping hot bowls.Time Estimate: 45 mins, including 30 minutes cooking.Storage Notes: Enjoy immediately. Can be refrigerated and reserved for up to 2 days.Difficulty: Easy.While picking up some stuff at our local CVS we spotted winter's evil&…
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Spicy Submarine Hot Chocolate

Yield: 2 Piping hot chocolates, perfect for a chilly morning.Time Estimate: 5 mins, including 4 minutes heating.Storage Notes: Enjoy immediately.Difficulty: Easy.Like it or not, Autumn is upon us. Here in SoCal we've been enjoying a (slight) change i…
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