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Provence'd Gin Spritz

Yield: A lovely cocktail for you and your +1.Time Estimate: 25 mins, including 5 minutes infusing.Storage Notes: Serve immediately to rapturous applause. Difficulty: Easy.This cocktail recipe comes to us from a certain Lisa E., who's found an unconve…
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All Day Every Day Shakshuka

Yield: 4 generous servingsTime Estimate: 60 minutes overall, including 45 minutes cook time.Storage Notes: Serve immediately to rapturous applause. Difficulty: Easy.A true classic of the Mediterranean, this dish is literally eaten all day ever d…
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Cold Tzatziki Soup Recipe

Yield: 8 small servingsTime Estimate: 15 minutes overall, including 15 minutes of preparation.Storage Notes: Best if consumed same day, but can be made a day in advance.. Difficulty: Easy.This recipe comes to us from our friends Dave & Deb Oliph…
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