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Cheeseburgers. The best cheeseburgers.

Yield: 2 generous cheese burgers.Time Estimate: 30 minutes, including 6 minutes cooking time.Storage Notes: Serve, and devour, immediately.Difficulty: Easy.Cheese burgers. That we've experienced many in our time doesn't mean that we always strive for…
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First Timer Bread: No-Knead Country Loaf & Compound Butter

Yield: 1 Large loaf.Time Estimate: 3 hours, including 2 1/2 hours cooking time.Storage Notes: Will keep for up to five days if stored in an airtight container.Difficulty: Surprisingly easy.This is the first bread we ever made, and remains the one tha…
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Foie Gras Breakfast Sandwiches With Dijon Mustard Sea Salt

Yield: 4 Of The Best Sandwiches You May Ever Have.Time Estimate: 40 minutes, including 30 minutes active cook time.Storage Notes: Not applicable for this recipe.Difficulty: Medium.These are our favorite sandwiches. In your travels, you may well have…
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