Taste of the World Holiday Set of 24 Gustus Vitae

Taste of the World Holiday Set of 24

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Travel the world from your kitchen with this truly versatile collection of authentic flavors that crisscross the globe. It kicks off with the zesty, bold, and undeniably vibrant flavors of our Taste of Thailand Seasoning – livening up proteins, adding unexpected and flavorful heat to salads, and making roasted veggies or potatoes really pop. Take a flight over to Morocco, and savor the deepest flavors of the tajine – smoky, piquant, and little spicy, it’s the perfect way to add international flavor and unexpectedly delicious flavors to whatever you’re whipping up. Our Taste of Jamaica is our homage to the flavors of Jamaica  – bright flavors, a little heat and minced herbs to support give this classic flavor unexpected versatility – not just on shrimp and pan roasted fish, but how about spinach the whole family will actually enjoy, or even a way upgraded mashed cauliflower? And no world trip would be complete with a stopover in Greece– our authentic Taste of Greece isn’t just for dips – make veggies sing, transform boring chicken breasts into something to look forward to, and give ‘come-back’ power to white fish from tilapia to cod.  This set is truly a use with everything to make your own take on world cuisine.