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Fancy AF BBQ Rub Bougie BBQ Gustus Vitae
Fancy AF BBQ Rub Bougie BBQ Gustus Vitae
Fancy AF BBQ Rub Bougie BBQ Gustus Vitae
Fancy AF BBQ Rub Bougie BBQ Gustus Vitae

Fancy AF BBQ Rub

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Fire Up The BBQ & Put On The Ritz

Make some mealtime magic with our Fancy AF BBQ rub, a carefully crafted artisanal seasoning that brings elegance and excellence to the grill. Made in small batches with only the finest in premium all natural ingredients, like truffles from Italy, sustainably soured habanero peppers, and pure, crystal clear Pacific ocean sea salt, this ultra-premium rub tastes how a well-tailored suit looks.

Made for meats & versatile on veggies, Fancy AF seasoning makes for a standup, standout marinade for your favorite proteins, and its deep, robust, full flavor brings out the best in prime cuts, seafoods from shrimp to scallops, and sides alike.

Crafted in small batches and free from MSG, soy, wheat, artificial color or flavors, and anti-caking agents, Fancy AF BBQ Rub is all flavor, no filler. With a flavor that's distinctive without being overpowering, it's a prefect dry rub for everything for big primal cuts to delicate slices of A5 wagyu. Try mixing with sour cream, Greek yogurt, crème fraîcheunsalted butter, or extra virgin olive oil to create a flavorful marinade or instant dipping sauce.

Season your foods like Mr. Monopoly before cooking, and add stacks on stacks on stacks of flavor by basting them as they cook. 

If you're too busy for grill time, take a moment to enjoy this ritzy flavor on popcorn, french fries, or roast nuts, or simply mix with some mayo and have yourself a Fancy AF sandwich with your favorite fixings.

  • 7.5 oz (212g) net wt.
  • Crafted in small batches.
  • Hand packed in California from local and imported ingredients.
  • Not irradiated or treated with EtO gas.
  • No nuts, soy, gluten, dairy, or wheat.
  • No MSG, anti-caking agents, or fillers of any kind.

Fancy AF BBQ Rub Contains: Garlic, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Cane Sugar, Rosemary, Paprika, Worcestershire (Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Onion, Tomato and Apple, Natural Caramel Color, Yeast Extract, Maltodextrin), Celery Seed, Lemon Zest, Red Pepper Flakes, Butter (Sweet Cream, Salt, Annatto Color, Non Fat Milk Solids) Black Truffle, Natural Carob Powder, Natural Truffle Flavor, and Habanero Peppers.