Pretty Please Papi Cocktail | Neat LA & Recipeish | Gustus Vitae

Yield: 1 very tasty beverage

Time Estimate: 5 minutes

Storage Notes: Enjoy immediately.

Difficulty: Easy

This one comes to us thanks to our friends at neat bar in LA, and boy, does it deliver. Just the right amount of sweet, spicy, boozy, and exotic, we love this cocktail on lazy Sunday afternoons and it's perfect as a 'house cocktail' to get everyone comfortable at your next dinner party


      • 2 jiggers tequila blanco
      • 1/2 jigger hibiscus liquor
      • 1 jigger apple vermouth
      • 1 juice of one lime
      • 1/2 jigger agave
      • 1 handful of ice
      • 1 tin Red Cayenne sea salt


- Combine all ingredients except salt in a cocktail shaker. Stir well, but not vigorously, so as not to bruise, for 2 minutes.

- Tilt shaker on angle, and roll edge of glass in cocktail mix to lightly moisten. Sprinkle on Red Cayenne sea salt, pour in drink (including ice), and serve.

- Enjoy this delicious drink responsibly.

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