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No-Knead Garlic Basil Dinner Rolls | Recipeish | Gustus Vitae

  • Yield: 8 rolls.
  • Time Estimate: Overnight & 1 hour.
  • Storage Notes: Best if enjoyed the same day.
  • Difficulty: Easy.

Dinner rolls are a treat to have at home, and these ones especially so: crispy & crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, with enough garlic and basil flavor to make them delicious on their own but not overpowering when mopping up the good stuff at the end of a meal. Prep these no-knead rolls the night before - they're a tasty gift for future you.


    • In a large mixing bowl, whisk together flour, Garlic Basil Sea Salt, and yeast.
    • Pour in 1 1/4ths Cups warm distilled water, and combine together into a smooth ball.
    • Cover mixing bowl with a damp cloth, and allow 30 minutes for the initial rise.
    • Use your fists to press down on the risen dough, releasing the carbon dioxide.
    • Shape again into a ball, cover mixing bowl with saran, and pop in the fridge overnight - anywhere between 8 to 15 hours resting is perfect.
    • When you're ready to bake, prep a Crown Baker - rub the butter along the inside, then sprinkle in and shake out flour.
    • Remove the dough from the fridge, roll into a log, and cut into 8 roughly equal pieces.
    • Form each piece of dough into a ball, then place in each of the cavities in the Crown Baker.
    • Place the top on, and allow to rest and rise additional 45 minutes, bringing the dough up to room temperature. While the dough is warming and rising, preheat your oven to 475F.
    • Sprinkle a bit of warm water on each of the rolls, before shaking on Everything But the Avocado Toast, replacing the top, and popping in the oven.
    • Bake for 25 minutes, then remove lid, and bake uncovered for a further 5.
    • Remove from the oven, replace lid, and leave to cool for 10 minutes, before removing the lid.
    • Serve warm, with a big pat of butter or a little dish of olive oil, and devour.
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