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Duck Confit w/ Pureed Cauliflower & King Oyster Mushroms

  • Yield: 4 servings
  • Time Estimate: 25 hours, the vast majority unattended.
  • Storage Notes: Will keep for up 2 days covered and refrigerated.
  • Difficulty: Medium.

This confit is outrageous. Incredibly succulent meat falling off the bone, with an extra crispy crunchy outer surface, rested on bed of silky smooth puree and accented by spicy sautéed mushrooms - there's a lot to like here. Don't let the time required put you off making this - thanks to the magic of sous vide the vast majority of cook time here is simply just letting the water bath do it's thing.


  • Pat dry duck legs and score the fat cap, being careful not to cut into the the meat. Season all sides thoroughly with even amounts of Smoked Prime Cut Seasoning and Farmhouse Perfect Protein Seasoning - around 3 tbs total.
  • Vacuum seal and cook sous vide for 24 hours at 149F. We do this around a hour before we want to eat the next day, so if you're planning for dinner at 6 on Saturday, pop this in at 5 Friday.
  • Bring a medium pot of water to a rolling boil, and trim cauliflower and rough chop before tossing in. Cook for around 8 minutes, at which time a fork easily passes though. 
  • Strain, and return to pot. Add two sticks of butter and cook on low for around 20 minutes - you want to get all the moisture out that you can. Add 1 tbs each of Taste of Tuscany, Taste of Bordeaux, and Probiotic Ocean Salt, and use an immersion blender to completely combine. The smoother the texture the better. Reserve.
  • Rinse mushrooms, and thinly slice length-wise. Bring a sauce pan up to high heat, and add remaining butter. Working in batches, sauté mushrooms until well browned, sprinkling with both Turmeric and Probiotic Ocean Salt as you do. Reserve.
  • Turn your oven to high broil, and remove duck legs from them bath.
  • Place duck legs fat side up on a wire rack over a cooking pan, and place under the broiler. This is where you'll be rewarded for both the long cook time, as well as your score marks.
  • Broil for around 4-5 minutes, or until skins are visibly crispy.
  • Plate cauliflower puree, mushrooms, and finally duck legs.
  • Pour yourself and your guests some wine (we love a big California cab for this) and give yourself over to this decadent meal.