Foie Gras Breakfast Sandwiches With Dijon Mustard Sea Salt

Yield: 4 Of The Best Sandwiches You May Ever Have.Time Estimate: 40 minutes, including 30 minutes active cook time.Storage Notes: Not applicable for this recipe.Difficulty: Medium.These are our favorite sandwiches. In your travels, you may well have had what we can only imagine to be the sublime pleasure of a 'better' sandwich, but we sure haven't. The base recipe comes from one of our favorite cookbooks (from the kitchen of Joe Beef of Montreal) - we've tweaked it ever so slightly. These sandwiches match their deliciousness with messiness - the best way to serve these is on paper plates with heaps of napkins. And while these are easy enough to make while hungover and certainly have curative properties, far from us to gatekeep these tasty bites to just breakfast - we promise praise whatever the hour these are served.Ingredients:1 LB Italian sausage mix4 Large free range eggs1 1/2 Tsp Gustus Vitae Dijon Mustard Sea Salt1 1/2 Tsp Gustus Vitae Crushed Red Pepper Flakes4 Generous slices foie gras torchon4 King's Hawaiian rollsInstructions:- Form sausages into four patties, patting to around the same width as the Hawaiian rolls.- Bring a skillet to medium high, and cook the patties (around 4-6 minutes per side), working in batches if necessary. Reserve.- Keeping the skillet on, split rolls into tops/bottoms, 'toasting' each in the leftover oil. Sprinkle toasty bits of rolls with equal amounts of Dijon Mustard Sea Salt and Crushed Red Pepper Flakes. Reserve.- Bring heat up to high - the skillet should be now dry/free from oil after toasting the rolls.- When the skillet is as hot as you can get it, remove torchon from fridge, and slice off 4 healthy sized rounds. It's OK if they crumble as you do so.- Working quickly, drop all foie gras bits in the skillet, shaking it as you do. These are almost entirely fat and will render themselves to nothing if left too long - you're looking at around 5 second of cook time, max, while constantly jerking the pan. Remove foie bits to a plate, and reduce heat to medium - there should be lots of leftover fat in the skillet.- Fry eggs in foie gras fat sunny side up, being careful to just set the white, leaving the yolk as runny as you can. We find that topping the skillet with a plate for a time helps with setting without getting a burnt bottom.- Top Hawaiian rolls with sausage patties, and slide eggs on top of patties as they finish. Top with reserved foie gras, and lightly crown with top.- When all four are ready, push down crowns slightly to pop yolks, and serve/devour immediately.