Smoked Open-Face Avocado Sandwich – Gustus Vitae

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Smoked Open-Face Avocado Sandwich

Yield: 1 servings
Time Estimate: 15 minutes
Storage Notes: Consume immediately
Difficulty: Easy

With simplicity and little to no effort, this breakfast can be crafted in just minutes. The soft boiled egg oozes its yolk out onto the bread to blend with the avocado, making the perfect breakfast-open face sandwich. Gustus Vitae’s Smoked Sea Salt elevates this dish by adding a deep, smoky flavor and a subtle yet beautiful color contrast. Plate up as an appetizer for a fancy brunch or as a quick meal leaving the house - this dish will satisfy either way.



  1. Boil water and place egg in boiling water to create a soft-hard boiled poached egg (we recommend soft boiled)
  2. Taste piece of wheat bread
  3. Add butter and avocado to toasted bread
  4. Cut egg in 1/2 and place on open face sandwich
  5. Season with Gustus Vitae Smoked Sea Salt and Black Pepper