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Honey Salted Summer Citrus Mezcal Mule

Yield: 2 servings
Time Estimate: 3 minutes
Storage Notes: Consume Immediately
Difficulty: Medium

It's hard to pick a favorite in this one - is it the seductive smokiness of mezcal, the tangy taste of fresh grapefruit juice, or the hint of honey in Gustus Vitae's Crystallized Honey Sea Salt? This summer citrus cocktail is both bold and flavorful - refreshing enough to be an after-hours drink at the bar and light enough to be enjoyed poolside. Garnish with your favorite citrus fruits to wow the guests and taste buds. The subtle yet lingering finish of Crystallized Honey Sea Salt compliments the citrus acidity and hazy mezcal, crafting a cocktail worthy of being muddled again and again. While only one cocktail is recommended - two is accepted.  




  1. Get two highball glasses and rim with Gustus Vitae Crystallized Honey Sea Salt, fill with ice
  2. Muddle one slice grapefruit, lime, and orange in shaker
  3. Fill shaker with ice
  4. Pour mezcal, ginger beer, and grapefruit juice in shaker
  5. Shake Vigorously and strain into each glass
  6. Top with soda water and enjoy!