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Grilled Moroccan Chicken Paninis on Flatbread

Yield: 1 serving
Time Estimate: 30 minutes
Storage Notes: Consume Immediately
Difficulty: Easy

Perfect for summer and better for fall - this panini sandwich brings flavor and comfort to the kitchen. It's simple, it's filling, and its delicious. Melted mozzarella oozes from the soft flatbread while the aromas of Moroccan cuisine fill the air. Chicken, grilled and possessing enough flavor to be eaten on its own, adds the protein to this panini leaving an appetite satisfied. Gustus Vitae's Taste of Morocco brings the flavor of the tagine to the kitchen and takes sandwiches like this from ordinary to extraordinary.



  1. Genourously rub chicken with Taste of Morocco seasoning and grill over medium heat
  2. Simultaneously, grill slices of white onion
  3. Butter outside flatbread and spread mayo on inside sliced flatbread
  4. Assemble sandwich with lettuce, onion, chicken, and cheese
  5. Grill on panini press until cheese melts
  6. Enjoy!