Crystallized Honey-Cinnamon Holiday Tea

Yield: 1 serving
Time Estimate: 5 minutes
Storage Notes: Consume immediately
Difficulty: Easy

The perfect fireside treat for the transition from fall to winter - this simple tea recipe contains only three ingredients and possesses the flavor profile that will leave you coming back all year long. The sweetness of cinnamon combines with the flavors of fresh earl gray tea leaves, leaving the mouth full of warmth and comfort. Gentle and subtle salty notes of Gustus Vitae Crystallized Honey Sea Salt provide the satisfaction and relaxation that's craved this time of year. This tea is easy enough to prepare for the next event gathering and simple enough to cozy up with on a Monday evening with a small blanket next to the fire.



  1. Heat water in tea kettle to desired temperature
  2. Add Gustus Vitae Crystallized Honey Sea Salt to bottom of teacup or mug
  3. Place Cinnamon Stick and tea leaves (approximately 0.1 oz per cup) in mug
  4. Pour water in and let steep for 3-5 minutes
  5. Stir in cream if desired
  6. Enjoy