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Cheesy Dijon Mustard Salted Croissant Dogs

Yield: 4 servings
Time Estimate: 40 minutes
Storage Notes: Best if consumed immediately, can be refridgerated
Difficulty: Moderate

These cheesy-stuffed hot dogs are the perfect snack (or meal) before the big game! Pepper jack cheese drips out of each crescent wrapped dog making it an oozy, juicy, and lightly crunchy treat. The unsalted butter joins our very own Gustus Vitae Dijon Mustard Sea Salt to pull out the tang in each and every bite. Serve with a dipping sauce or a cold beer to complete the game-day festivities.



  1. Slit hot dogs down middle with 1/8” left on each end
  2. Stuff hot dog with pepper jack cheese
  3. Roll hot dog with crescent dough (easiest to make triangles
  4. Line on baking sheet and bake for 12 minutes or until golden
  5. Using a brush, lightly brush melted butter onto the top of each dog
  6. Salt with Dijon Mustard Sea Salt and enjoy!