Blue Cheese Salted Bacon Popcorn – Gustus Vitae

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Blue Cheese Salted Bacon Popcorn

Yield: 3 servings
Time Estimate: 20 minutes
Storage Notes: Consume immediately 
Difficulty: Easy

Turn this weekend into snack night with this mouth-watering movie snack recipe. Gustus Vitae's Blue Cheese Salted Bacon Popcorn will give you chills and keep you crunching away throughout the evening. Gustus Vitae takes a differentiated turn on popcorn by adding crunchy bacon pieces and salty and sharp blue cheese. The ingredients blend together perfectly to create a unique take on popcorn. Its an explosion of flavor designed to change the way that you do Netflix and Chill.



  1. Cook 1/2 pound bacon until crispy, crumble (larger pieces of bacon bits, about 1/4” in size). Set aside.
  2. Warm olive oil in pot with lid, place a few kernels in
  3. When the first kernel pops, dump remaining kernels into pot
  4. When popping slows to one every 5-10 seconds, turn off heat and remove popcorn
  5. Add popcorn to serving bowls, add melted butter and crumbled bacon
  6. Sprinkle with Blue Cheese Sea Salt and enjoy