Single Ingredient Products

Sometimes, all it takes is one. One kind act to change a mood. One idea to ignite an imagination. And one ingredient from Gustus Vitae to change a normal meal into a gourmet experience.

Our single-ingredient products consist of gourmet seasonings unlike any others you've shaken, stirred or dashed into your recipes. That's because the Gustus Vitae focus is on quality above all, starting from the moment we plant the seeds to the time the ready-to-eat gourmet seasonings cascade their way into the tin.

When quality is the standard from start to finish, you can't help but taste the difference. Our attention to quality starts by selecting the healthiest seeds, and then growing and prepping them for our customers without anything artificial sneaking its way into the mix.

That means no fillers, no subs and no GMO concerns. We also avoid treating our spices with chemicals for preservation, like the all-too-common ethylene oxide (EtO) used to extend the shelf life of many seasonings sold in bulk.

Gustus Vitae sticks to natural methods of ensuring our gourmet seasonings retain their freshness, taste and beneficial properties. We only craft them in small batches, and then we seal up their goodness in quality tins. We make sure every step in the preparation process is completed with a delicate touch.

Well, except one. We do tend to get a little heavy-handed when it comes to adding our own brand of TLC. We love what we do. We love how we do it. And you'll love how it tastes.

Try for yourself, as our single-ingredient products consists of seasonings that rank as common kitchen favorites. The big difference with Gustus Vitae, however, is that our gourmet seasonings are anything but common when it comes to quality and phenomenal flavor.