Gourmet Seasonings

You don't need an airline ticket to head to a rustic Italian village or the coast of the azure Mediterranean Sea. In fact, you don't even need to leave the comfort of your kitchen. All you need to do is add a splash, dash or smidgeon of Gustus Vitae gourmet seasoning blends to your next recipe or favorite dish.

Our non-GMO, all-natural gourmet seasonings are designed to whisk you and your taste buds away to exotic, alluring and wholly delicious destinations. The Gustus Vitae artisan spice and herb blends have been meticulously crafted to taste like a distinct place, and you have an amazing itinerary worth of places from which to choose.

So go head, visit that rustic Italian village with a few sprinkles of our Taste of Tuscany over fresh pasta. Plunge your soul into the azure Mediterranean Sea by dabbing a smidgeon of Taste of Cyprus over warm lentils. Swirl in the sweet and spicy air of the Caribbean by rubbing a dab of Taste of Jamaica onto your pork chops or chicken breast before grilling.

With Gustus Vitae, your tasty travels aren't done yet. Our gourmet seasoning blends can take you on a tour of the tropical beaches and gems of Thailand, the rich, wine-growing region of Bordeaux or to the flavorful terrain of Spain. Stick around the U.S. with the Taste of California blend, or head north to Canada for a savory steak rub so beloved in Montreal.

Straight-up artisan herbs and spices are also part of our gourmet seasoning blend collection for those that want to mix and match to create their own unique getaway. Choose from pantry staples that include coriander leaves, granulated garlic, oregano and other artisan seasonings. Even the most common spices are an uncommon delight when you opt for Gustus Vitae.