Gourmet Salts

The term "pass the salt" takes on new levels of meaning when that salt comes from Gustus Vitae. That's because our gourmet finishing salts are naturally infused and add mind-boggling depth, flavor and sometimes even color when sprinkled on food just before serving.

To give you a figurative taste of what's in store, let's start our grand tour with some of the more unusually gifted finishing salts. Our Blue Cheese Sea Salt dances with a savory blend of dried, powered blue cheese mingled with California sea salt, adding a dash of creamy, sharp, tangy and salty to your finished dish.

Our Dijon mustard sea salt brings on the striking and subtle notes of Dijon, a punchy finish for any foods to which you'd normally add a dash of mustard. Let the alluring color and lingering sweet taste of our Green Tea Sea Salt caress everything from sautéed greens to vanilla ice cream, with veggies, tempura and vanilla pastries in between.

And who knew roasted potatoes could actually be sexy? They certainly can with a decadent dash of our Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt. See what other combinations might work to create your own magnificent results, with choices like Natural Smoked Sea Salt, Wasabi Sea Salt and Red Cayenne Sea Salt all on the Gustus Vitae gourmet finishing salt menu.

As with all Gustus Vitae seasonings, our artisan sea salts are all-natural, non-GMO certified and free from artificial flavor and colors. We keep our promise of quality above all by handcrafting our sea salts in small batches to preserve freshness and taste. One more perk is our unique tin, which has a magnet attached so you can store our artisan seasonings at your fingertips on the fridge.

The next time someone asks you to pass the salt, don't simply hand them a standard shaker. Hand them exceptionally sophisticated taste with Gustus Vitae gourmet finishing salts.