Collections & Gift Sets

When you give the gift of Gustus Vitae, you're not just gifting someone with a few nice spices to add to recipes and meals. You're gifting them with a wild ride around the world, with our gourmet seasonings crafted to taste like delectable places.

Transport your favorite chef to Italy, Japan or the French countryside. Embark on a whirlwind European vacation, or savor the flavor of the Mediterranean. Pamper your taste buds with this luxury gourmet lineup.

Instantly transform a new house into an aromatic home with the Gustus Vitae Pantry Starter Kit, or hit the highlights of the entire globe with our Cuisines of the World Gourmet Seasonings Collection.

You'll even find specialized gourmet seasoning assortments designed for those with even more discerning tastes. Our Painter's Palette delights the true culinary artist, while our Salt-Free Seasoning Collection keeps flavors intact and sodium at bay.

Once they get a hint of the brilliance Gustus Vitae brings, summertime chefs and barbecue masters won't be able to live without our gourmet BBQ collections. The Ultimate Summer Grilling Companion set serves up equally amazing flavors, while our Picnic Basket Collection provides the crisp comfort of a fresh-as-springtime picnic.

With the mission of putting quality above all, Gustus Vitae won't have you riding in the economy coach section, either. You'll be traveling in very good taste, accompanied by seasonings that are non-GMO certified, all-natural and free of artificial colors and flavors. Our gourmet seasonings are handcrafted in small batches to preserve freshness and flavor, and then packaged in American-made tin in California.

So where would you or your favorite chef like to go today? Pick a place, any place, and let Gustus Vitae Gourmet Collections and Gift Sets take you there in savory style.