Gift Packs

Give the gift of phenomenal flavor with our Gustus Vitae gift packs. Each gift pack contains a trio of seasonings that work in concert to bring a whole new meaning to gifts given in good taste.

Chefs still searching for the je ne sais quoi in a recipe will find it with the Gustus Vitae Chef's Secret Sea Salts Gift Pack. This selection of three artisan finishing salts packs a mouth-watering punch with Blue Cheese Sea Salt, Dijon Mustard Sea Salt and Wasabi Sea Salt on the menu.

Our carefully crafted Wasabi Sea Salt is so delish that it also makes it into our Exotic Sea Salts Gift Pack. With a lineup of Wasabi Sea Salt, with Greek Tzatziki Sea Salt and Indian Tandoori Sea Salt, this pack has the power to whisk your taste buds away to far-off lands.

Get grounded with the stabilizing allure of garlic in our Garlic Lovers Gift Pack, which also brings on delectable thoughts of the Greek isles. Here you'll find Gustus Vitae Garlic Pepper Rub delightfully dancing with Greek Tzatziki Sea Salt and our savory spice blend known as Taste of Greece.

Turn up the heat or add a bit of sweet with the Gustus Vitae Red Hot Sea Salts Gift Pack or our Sweet and Hot Sea Salts Gift Pack, respectively. Both gift packs contain our special Red Cayenne Sea Salt, with the thought of it alone enough to blow your mind.

The Red Hot pack pairs the cayenne sea salt with Sriracha and Chipotle sea salts, while the Hot and Sweet pack combines it with Ancho Chili and Crystallized Honey sea salts.

As with all our gourmet seasonings, our gift packs are crafted in small batches and totally free from artificial flavors and colors.

Whatever Gustus Vitae gift pack you select, you'll be helping your favorite chef transform an ordinary meal into an extraordinary experience - even when that favorite chef is you.